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A Confession on a Snowy Night
Kanji 雪の夜の告白
Rōmaji Yukinoyono kokuhaku
Air Date June 7, 2013
Episode data
Previous Time to Give up, My Love
Next Santa Claus is a Lover
Staff Information
Director Koto Nagata
Music Information
Opening Update
Ending Takaramono

A Confession on a Snowy Night (雪の夜の告白 Yukinoyono kokuhaku) is the tenth episode of the Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO drama, which aired on June 7, 2013.


When Kotoko stays home with Yuki on the day after his parents go out, he suddenly gets a bad stomachache and Kotoko takes him to the hospital. Due to heavy snow that night, Kotoko ends up staying at Naoki’s place. Can Kotoko keep her fluttering heart under control?