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Baton Touch of Love
Kanji 恋のバトンタッチ
Rōmaji Koi no batontacchi
Air Date April 16, 2008
Episode data
Previous Living Together is Dangerous
Episode Itazura na Kiss #3
Next Throbbing Summer Vacation
Manga Chapter 3, Chapter 5
Staff Information
Director Kozakai Yū
Script Matsuda Eriko
Storyline Kobayashi Issa
Animation Director Choi Yeong-Hui
Jung Gee-Hee
Music Information
Opening Kimi, Meguru, Boku
Ending Kataomoi Fighter

Baton Touch of Love (恋のバトンタッチ Koi no batontacchi) is the third episode of the Itazura na Kiss anime, which aired on April 16, 2008.


Kotoko falls asleep with a confession letter in her hand. When Irie walks in to tell her it's her turn in the shower, he impulsively decides to read the letter. Later at the school sports festival, Kotoko and Irie end up competing against each other in the relay race. Just as Irie sprints across the finish line, Kotoko gets pushed and falls in front of him and she gets run over. Kin steams as Irie carries her to the nurse. Irie embarrassingly recites the letter she wrote to him; before he gets to the last part where she had written that she loves him, she jumps up and slaps him. Then Kin jumps in the room and proceeds to boast of his passion for Kotoko. Irie replies that people's feelings can change, the person you hate might become the person you love.



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