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Chasing after Happiness
Kanji 追いかけてハピネス
Rōmaji Oikake te happinesu
Air Date July 23, 2008
Episode data
Previous Honeymoon Panic!
Episode Itazura na Kiss #16
Next Enviable New Face
Manga Chapter 50, Chapter 53
Staff Information
Director Mizumoto Hazuki
Script Kobayashi Naruaki
Storyline Kobayashi Issa
Animation Director Myouchin Usaku
Music Information
Opening Kimi, Meguru, Boku
Ending Jikan yo Tomare

Chasing after Happiness (追いかけてハピネス Oikake te happinesu) is the sixteenth episode of the Itazura na Kiss anime, which aired on July 23, 2008.


Chris is about to return to England, but still harbors strong feelings for Kinnosuke. Feeling sympathetic towards Chris, Kotoko decides to help her in her quest to win Kinnosuke's heart by preparing him a birthday party. But things, naturally, went wrong, and Kinnosuke hurts Chris feelings. Later, he finally confesses that he has feelings for her, and runs to the airport - and just as it seemed Chris is gone, she comes back, saying she just couldn't leave, and kissing Kinnosuke by surprise, which he pretty much liked. When Kotoko gets back home, Oba goes all over her, announcing that Kotoko is probably pregnant, because she felt nausea in the morning. When Naoki hears that, he takes her to the doctor, where they realize it was false alarm. Then he reminds Kotoko on her test, and she realizes that she forgot to look at the results. It turns out that she made it, and also with highest score of all others. Then Naoki, as promised, takes her on a date.



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