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Christine Robbins
Christine Robbins.jpg
Kanji クリスティーヌ・ロビンス
Rōmaji Kurisutinu Robinsu
Also known as Chris
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation University Student
Affiliation Tonan University
Personal Status
Relatives Robbins (father)
Marie Robbins (mother)
Kinnosuke Ikezawa (husband)
Manga Chapter 48
Anime Episode 12
Drama Episode 4 (2007)
Episode 15 (2010)
Episode 3 (2014)
Portrayed by
Seiyū Yuuko Gotou
2007 Tw-Drama Larisa Bakurova
2010 K-Drama Abigail Alderete
2014 J-Drama Noemie Nakai

Christine Robbins is the daughter of a banker involved in Naoki's father's company. Chris is a very nice and sweet girl, at first Naoki introduces her to Kotoko and his family which makes Kotoko jealous.

But then Naoki realizes he wants to marry Kotoko instead of Chris. Chris understands and falls in love with Kotoko's admirer Kinnosuke. She then admits to Kotoko she never liked Naoki and tells her she has a bad taste in men. After a long dedication of her love to Kinnosuke, he returns her love for her. Chris becomes Kinnosuke's wife and had 3-4 kids.

In the manga, Sasuiko is Naoki's marriage interview partner and Chris is just a girl looking for a Japenese boyfriend.

In the korean live-action adaption, Christine was a caucasian, whose mother is Korean, making her half-Korean. She was not Naoki's marriage interview partner, rather, she was just a Korean tourist who just happened to pass by on Kotoko's father restaurant and falls in-love with Kinnosuke.

In the Japanese live action adaptation, Christine was a foreign exchange student from London who met Kotoko at the university looking for directions. She met Kinnosuke when she, Kotoko, and Naoki, where meeting for dinner in Kotoko's father's restaurant.

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