First Dating Suddenly

First Dating Suddenly
Kanji ファーストデートは突然に
Rōmaji Fāsutodēto wa totsuzen ni
Air Date May 24, 2013
Episode data
Previous Love of Service Ace
Episode Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO #8
Next Time to Give up, My Love
Manga Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 18
Staff Information
Director Masakazu Abe
Music Information
Opening Update
Ending Takaramono

First Dating Suddenly (ファーストデートは突然に Fāsutodēto wa totsuzen ni) is the eighth episode of the Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO drama, which aired on May 24, 2013.


After losing her house again, Kotoko goes back to Iries home. Noriko tries to make Naoki go out on a date with Kotoko, but Naoki instead goes out with Yuko. Along with Sudo, who has a crush on Yuko, Kotoko follows Naoki and Yuko around.


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