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Goodbye, Irie-kun
Kanji さよなら、入江くん
Rōmaji Sayonara, Irie-kun
Air Date July 12, 2013
Episode data
Previous A Fork in the Path of Love
Episode Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO #15
Next Miracle of the Shooting Star
Manga Chapter 37
Staff Information
Director Koto Nagata
Music Information
Opening Update
Ending Takaramono

Goodbye, Irie-kun (さよなら、入江くん Sayonara, Irie-kun) is the fifteenth episode of the Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO drama, which aired on July 12, 2013.


Naoki becomes engaged to the woman he was set up with on the blind date. Kotoko goes out on a date with Kinnosuke, although her heart still belongs to Naoki. Kotoko’s father suggests that maybe they should leave the Iries’ home so that she will not interfere with Naoki’s wedding.



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