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Happy Love Carnival
Kanji ハッピー·ラブ·カーニバル
Rōmaji Happii Rabu Kaanibaru
Air Date September 18, 2008
Episode data
Previous You, Go Around, Me
Episode Itazura na Kiss #24
Next Hello♥Again
Staff Information
Director Shimizu Satoshi
Script Shimizu Yukako
Storyline Namura Hidetoshi
Animation Director Uike Kazuma
Kosaka Satoru
Sasaki Keiko
Music Information
Ending Kimi, Meguru, Boku

Happy Love Carnival (ハッピー·ラブ·カーニバル Happii Rabu Kaanibaru) is the twenty-fourth episode of the Itazura na Kiss anime, which aired on September 18, 2008.


Kotoko is messing around with her C-cup breasts. She later on goes to see Kin and finds out that Chris is 3 months pregnant. Kotoko, after coming back home, tells Irie about the news. She later doesn't feel good and thinks it is because of the iron tablets she's been taking to replenish her blood. She doesn't tell Irie about this because she doesn't want to disturb him while he's writing his thesis. The next day, Kotoko and her friends are discussing when Kotoko is going to take maternal leave. She refuses quickly, stating that she wants to work as much as possible and goes to see Irie. Later on, her friends from work go home and leave Kotoko to walk home with Irie but he informs her that he will be working late that evening as he wants to do more of his thesis. Kotoko is on the subway where she thinks that she feels a bit light-headed. As she is walking up the steps from the subway she collapses at the top not feeling well, she is spotted and then an ambulance is called, Kotoko is unconscious. Irie is then seen writing when his mobile phone starts ringing. He is running through to the hospital where Kotoko is, all of the family is there. It turns out she was exerting herself too much during pregnancy. One month later Kotoko persuades Irie to go to pregnancy classes with Kin and Chris. It's there where she goes into labor. Kotoko, Irie and Oba-san are at the vending machines at the hospital when Matsumoto is rushed in with Sudou. She has been coughing up blood due to her illness. Irie has no option but to operate and that's when Kotoko gives birth, with Irie missing it. They have a baby girl and call her Kotomi. Four years later it is clear that Kotoko and Kotomi are rivals for Irie's love.




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