I’m not going to give up this easy
Thai ฉันไม่ยอมง่ายๆหรอก
RTGS Chan mai yom ngaai rok
Air Date November 17, 2015
Episode data
Previous So... nothing between us from now
Episode Kiss Me #14
Next We are not match
Staff Information
Director Saratsawadee Wongsomphet
Music Information
Opening Rak Hai Dai
Ending Rak Hai Dai

I’m not going to give up this easy (ฉันไม่ยอมง่ายๆหรอก Chan mai yom ngaai rok) is the fourteenth episode of the Kiss Me drama, which aired on November 17, 2015.


And the exam result day arrives, everyone is cheering up, Taliw, Yuyi, and Arm finally can get into their aimed faculty. Namkhang tries to ask Tenten out, but he doesn’t care. P’Dan always being around and taking care of Namkhang, till she can look at him differently. Father Han tells Taliw about King’s cooking class. She feels bad that she’s never actually paid attention to King. Then she takes him out to eat. King is overjoyed, though he knows in his heart that she only does that as a friend. On the first-year students welcome day, Taliw, Yuyi and Arm get punished by the seniors. She couldn’t make it; the “Pun-Jing-Reed” (way to punish: swirling around like a bug). Then Tenten comes to replace her. Everyone is quiet. Namkhang gets very upset that Tenten pays more attention to Taliw. P’Dan tries to calm her down, but she doesn’t care and drives him away. Tenten tells Taliw that he’s not going to let her go, no matter what. Taliw is very confused with what Tenten’s just done.


Characters appearing in the episode in order of appearance:


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