Kotomi Irie
Kotomi Irie
Kanji 入江 琴美
Rōmaji Irie Kotomi
Also known as Mi-chan
Gender Female
Birthday Sometime in June
Age 4
Professional Status
Occupation Elementary School Student
Personal Status
Relatives Kotoko Aihara (mother)
Naoki Irie (father)
Noriko Irie (grandmother)
Shigeki Irie (grandfather)
Etsuko Aihara (grandmother)
Shigeo Aihara (grandfather)
Yuuki Irie (uncle)
Anime Episode 24
Portrayed by
Seiyū Tomoko Kaneda

Kotomi Irie is the daughter of Naoki Irie and Kotoko Aihara. Kotomi is born in episode 24 of the anime (she does not appear in the manga). She inherits Naoki's intelligence, but Kotoko's looks and personality. Tends to compete with Kotoko for her father's attention. Shigeki Irie is Kotomi's grandfather and Noriko Irie is her grandmother.



Kotomi is usually seen having her hair in pig tails. Like Kotoko Aihara (her mother) she has light brown eyes, and brown hair like her father.


Kotomi is full of energy and loves it to make trouble. She seems to admire her good looking father, that's why she tends to tease her mother alot, and loves to make Kotoko angry and fights for Naoki, still she loves Kotoko a lot. 

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