Itazura Na Kiss Wiki

The following is the list of episodes from the 2013 japonese drama adaptation of an unfinished manga series Itazura Na Kiss. The drama adaptation covers up to volume 10 of the manga though with some changes.

The drama contains 16 episodes. The episodes are directed by Nagata Koto, Abe Masakazu and Kawano Koji and produced by Moriya Takeshi. The episodes started airing on March 29, 2013 to July 19, 2013 on Fuji TV TWO.

The opening theme is "Update” and he ending theme is “Takaramono” both performed by Sabão.

Episodes List

1 InK-LiT-Ep01.jpg Love Along with a Shooting Star
Koi wa nagareboshi to tomoni (恋は流れ星とともに)
March 29, 2013
Kotoko has been in love with Naoki, the smartest and best-looking boy at her high school, for two years. She decides to let him know about her feelings through a letter, but Naoki immediately rejects her. Meanwhile, a falling meteor destroys Kotoko’s house, and her family is forced to move in with her father’s friend. It turns out the family friend’s son is none other than Naoki.
2 InK-LiT-Ep02.jpg The Entrance Test of Love
Koi no nyūmon shiken (恋の入門試験)
April 5, 2013
Noaki’s mother, Noriko, has always wanted a daughter and welcomes Kotoko into her house. When she gives Kotoko a picture of young Naoki dressed up like a girl, Kotoko uses the photo to force Naoki to tutor her for the next final exam.
3 InK-LiT-Ep03.jpg The Morning Coffe Smells Like Love!?
Mōningukōhī wa koi no kaori! ? (モーニングコーヒーは恋の香り!?)
April 12, 2013
When school friends discover that Kotoko and Naoki now live under the same roof, Naoki gives Kotoko the cold shoulder. But on the last day of summer break, Kotoko and Naoki find themselves alone in the house for a night when all their family members make plans outside the house.
4 InK-LiT-Ep04.jpg Chocolate Charm of Love!?
Chokorēto wa koi no omamori!? (チョコレートは恋のお守り!?)
April 19, 2013
Kotoko decides to go to Tounan University. Meanwhile, Naoki doesn’t have any plan for his future. With his father’s suggestion, he takes a college entrance exam. Kotoko cheers for him, but her lucky charm and presence don’t seem to help him at all.
5 InK-LiT-Ep05.jpg Who Will be My First Kiss!?
Fāsutokisu wa dare no te ni!? (ファーストキスは誰の手に!?)
April 26, 2013
Naoki decides to attend Tounan University, the same school that Naoki plans to attend. Fellow classmate Kinnosuke decides to get a job, dreaming of his future with Kotoko. When the graduation parties for both classes A and F take place at the same location, Naoki starts making fun of Kotoko in front of everyone.
6 InK-LiT-Ep06.jpg A Love Rival!? Love with Lost of Trouble
Raibaru tōjō!? Zento tanan'na koi (ライバル登場!?前途多難な恋)
May 10, 2013
Naoki and Kotoko share a kiss, but nothing else comes of it. Since Kotoko can’t see Naoki much because they are in different departments, she decides to join his tennis club. Then one day, Kotoko’s father breaks the news that it’s time to move out of Naoki’s house.
7 InK-LiT-Ep07.jpg Love of Service Ace
Koi no sābisuēsu (恋のサービスエース)
May 17, 2013
After Kotoko’s family moves out of Naoki’s house, Kotoko decides to try to forget Naoki. But the two are matched as partners at their tennis club. After losing to Yuko’s team, Naoki decides to train Kotoko to be a better player.
8 InK-LiT-Ep08.jpg First Dating Suddenly
Fāsutodēto wa totsuzen ni (ファーストデートは突然に)
May 24, 2013
After losing her house again, Kotoko goes back to Iries home. Noriko tries to make Naoki go out on a date with Kotoko, but Naoki instead goes out with Yuko. Along with Sudo, who has a crush on Yuko, Kotoko follows Naoki and Yuko around.
9 InK-LiT-Ep09.jpg Time to Give up, My Love
Koi o akirameru toki (恋をあきらめる時)
May 31, 2013
Naoki moves out on his own but won’t reveal where he is living. Kotoko tails Naoki and sees him entering Yuko’s house. Kotoko begins to believe that Naoki and Yuko are living together.
10 InK-LiT-Ep10.jpg A Confession on a Snowy Night
Yukinoyono kokuhaku (雪の夜の告白)
June 7, 2013
When Kotoko stays home with Yuki on the day after his parents go out, he suddenly gets a bad stomachache and Kotoko takes him to the hospital. Due to heavy snow that night, Kotoko ends up staying at Naoki’s place. Can Kotoko keep her fluttering heart under control?
11 InK-LiT-Ep11.jpg Santa Claus is a Lover
Koibito wa santakurōsu (恋人はサンタクロース)
June 14, 2013
Kotoko plans to spend Christmas Eve with Jinko and Satomi, but they cancel at the last minute. While Kotoko stays home alone, Naoki sees Satomi and her boyfriend together, and Kinnosuke plans a surprise for Kotoko.
12 InK-LiT-Ep12.jpg Toward Our Dreams...
Sorezore no yume no saki ni…… (それぞれの夢の先に……)
June 21, 2013
As a sophomore in college, Kotoko starts to worry about her future. One day, Kotoko and her family attend a party at Naoki’s house. When his father asks Naoki to take over the family business, Naoki becomes furious and storms out of the house.
13 InK-LiT-Ep13.jpg A Mischief of Fate
Unmei no itazura (運命のイタズラ)
June 28, 2013
After Naoki’s father, Shigeki, suffers a heart attack, Naoki goes to work in the family business. When Naoki learns about the challenges facing the company, Naoki decides to leave college and help turn the company around. Worried about Naoki, Kotoko tries to help him.
14 InK-LiT-Ep14.jpg A Fork in the Path of Love
Koi no wakaremichi (恋の別れ道)
July 5, 2013
Kotoko is shocked to learn that Naoki plans to go out on an arranged blind date. But with Kotoko and Yuko’s help, Noriko plans to make sure that the date does not go well.
15 InK-LiT-Ep15.jpg Goodbye, Irie-kun
Sayonara, Irie-kun (さよなら、入江くん)
July 12, 2013
Naoki becomes engaged to the woman he was set up with on the blind date. Kotoko goes out on a date with Kinnosuke, although her heart still belongs to Naoki. Kotoko’s father suggests that maybe they should leave the Iries’ home so that she will not interfere with Naoki’s wedding.
16 InK-LiT-Ep16.jpg Miracle of the Shooting Star
Nagareboshi no kiseki (流れ星の奇跡)
July 19, 2013
Kinnosuke asks Kotoko to marry him. Satomi and Jinko encourage Kotoko to seriously consider Kinnosuke’s proposal. While Naoki prepares for his own wedding, he hears about Kinnosuke’s marriage proposal.