The following is the list of episodes from the 2014 japonese drama adaptation of an unfinished manga series Itazura Na Kiss. The drama adaptation covers up to volume 11 of the manga though with some changes.

The drama contains 16 episodes. The episodes are directed by Nagata Koto, Abe Masakazu and Kawano Koji and produced by Moriya Takeshi. The episodes started airing on November 24, 2014 on Fuji TV.

The opening theme is “KISS KISS KISS” and he ending theme is “White Stock” both performed by Cyntia.

Episodes List

1 InK2-LiT-Ep01 A Turbulent Honeymoon
Haran ni michita hanemūn (波乱に満ちたハネムーン)
November 24, 2014
Newlyweds Kotoko and Naoki head to Okinawa for their honeymoon. The woman they meet on the plane plasters herself all over Naoki even after they land.
2 InK2-LiT-Ep02 My Marriage Still On Hold?!
Watashi, mada Aihara nandesu (わたし、まだ相原なんです)
December 1, 2014
Kotoko and Naoki still haven't completed their marriage registration. Naoki says he wants time to think and doesn't come home from work days.
3 InK2-LiT-Ep03 Hello Baby!?
Konnichiwa akachan!? (こんにちは赤ちゃん!?)
December 15, 2014
Kotoko meets Christine Robbins, an exchange student from England. Chris meets Kinnosuke and for some curious reasons falls in love at first sight!
4 InK2-LiT-Ep04 Exciting♡First Date
Ukiuki♡Fāsuto Dēto (うきうき♡ファーストデート)
December 22, 2014
Graduation season is here, and Kotoko passes the exam for transferring into the nursing department. Chris is scheduled to depart back to England soon.
5 InK2-LiT-Ep05 Extreme!? Mates in White Coat
Kyōretsu!? Hakui no nakama-tachi (キョーレツ!?白衣の仲間たち)
December 29, 2014
Kotoko joins the nursing department but keeps annoying the other members of her group. Marina and Motoki, fans of Naoki, demand Kotoko to make amends.
6 InK2-LiT-Ep06 A Genius and Jealousy
Tensai o nayama seru yamai (天才を悩ませる病)
January 5, 2015
Summer vacation begins but Kotoko is hard at work on her group project. Naoki acts cold after seeing Kotoko being friendly with Keita after bowling.
7 InK2-LiT-Ep07 A Vow with A Nurse Cap
Chikai no nāsukyappu (誓いのナースキャップ)
January 12, 2015
Naoki realizes he can only truly be himself around Kotoko, and the two of them make up. Kotoko passes her exam and awaits the capping ceremony.
8 InK2-LiT-Ep08 Rivalry with Grandma Toyo
Toyo bāchan ga raibaru (トヨばあちゃんがライバル)
January 19, 2015
Kotoko gets assigned to an elderly woman named Toyo for her nurse’s training. Toyo is a notorious tormenter of trainees and is also gaga over Naoki.
9 InK2-LiT-Ep09 Here Comes a Cute Little Vixen
Kyūtīna shōakuma ga yattekita (キューティーな小悪魔がやってきた)
January 26, 2015
Naoki’s cousin Rika from America is pretty, bold, and smart. Unable to hide her insecurity, Kotoko snaps and pushes Rika after a slight provocation.
10 InK2-LiT-Ep10 Naoki-san, Counting of You for Kotoko
Naoki-san, Kotoko o yoroshiku ne (直樹さん、琴子をよろしくね)
February 2, 2015
The anniversary of Kotoko’s mother’s death approaches. Naoki suggests they go pay respects with Kotoko and her father, but Kotoko seems rather glum.
11 InK2-LiT-Ep11 Goodbye Kiss
O wakare no Kiss (お別れのKiss)
February 16, 2015
Naoki wants to go work at a hospital in Kobe after passing the national exam for medical practitioners. Kotoko thinks about finding a school in Kobe.
12 InK2-LiT-Ep12 And Love in KOBE
Soshite Love in KOBE (そしてLove in KOBE)
February 23, 2015
Kotoko is determined not to see Naoki until summer break, but she can’t concentrate in class. She heads off to visit Naoki at the hospital in Kobe.
13 InK2-LiT-Ep13 Overstep Flowers and Storm
Hana mo arashi mo fumikoete (花も嵐も踏み越えて)
March 16, 2015
Kotoko passes the national nursing exam, but she’s still at the same hospital making the same old mistakes. One day, Naoki suddenly shows up.
14 InK2-LiT-Ep14 Love and Fight
Ai shite faito (愛してファイト)
March 23, 2015
An emergency patient gets brought into the hospital when Kotoko and Naoki have the night shift. Naoki performs an emergency operation on the patient.
15 InK2-LiT-Ep15 Proposal with Tears
Namida no puropōzu (涙のプロポーズ)
March 30, 2015
Kotoko nurses Naoki day and night when he ends up with a broken bone after saving her from falling. Kinnosuke consults Naoki about proposing to Chris.
16 InK2-LiT-Ep16 The Best Birthday Gift
Saikō no bāsudē purezento (最高のバースデープレゼント)
April 6, 2015
It’s almost Kotoko’s birthday, but Naoki has never properly celebrated it with her. The two finally spend time alone together thanks to Funatsu.
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