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1 History of Kotoko Kotoko no Koi Monogatari.jpg History of Kotoko: Love Story of Kotoko
History of KOTOKO ~Kotoko no Koi Monogatari (History of KOTOKO ~琴子の恋物語)
November 11, 2016
"Someday someone prince will come to pick me up." Kotoko Aihara 5-year-old thinks that seriously. Whether such Kotoko was fall in love with what the boys from kindergarten to middle school. In entrance ceremony of Tounan High School finally she meets him. Kotoko's reason that was love at first sight to Naoki Irie is clearly!
2 [[File:|150px|link=History of Naoki: Passion of Naoki]] History of Naoki: Passion of Naoki
History of NAOKI ~ Naoki no Junan (History of NAOKI~直樹の受難)
December 2, 2016
3 [[File:|150px|link=Go Test and Kotoko's Bite]] Go Test and Kotoko's Bite
Shingaku Shiken to Kotoko no Baito (進学試験と琴子のバイト)
December 23, 2016