Episodes List

1 MIK-Ep01 Episode 1 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 1 ji (第1集)
December 11, 2016
Yue Qin works up the nerve to confess her feelings to her longtime crush, ace student Zhi Shu, only to be humiliated in front of the whole school.
2 MIK-Ep02 Episode 2 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 2 ji (第2集)
December 11, 2016
A freak accident at the lab has devastating consequences for Yue Qin and her father. But soon an old family friend steps up with a generous offer.
3 MIK-Ep03 Episode 3 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 3 ji (第3集)
December 11, 2016
As Yue Qin adjusts to her awkward new living situation, Zhi Shu's cold behavior prompts her to make a startling announcement at school.
4 MIK-Ep04 Episode 4 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 4 ji (第4集)
December 18, 2016
Using the photo as leverage, Yue Qin convinces Zhi Shu to help her study for the exam. Meanwhile, Ah Jin resolves to find out where she's living.
5 MIK-Ep05 Episode 5 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 5 ji (第5集)
December 18, 2016
Yue Qin worries about Zhi Shu after he stays up late to tutor her. The exam results set the school abuzz. Mrs. Jiang discovers the gossip page.
6 MIK-Ep06 Episode 6 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 6 ji (第6集)
December 18, 2016
Ah Jin defends Yue Qin from a con artist, a family dinner takes a surprising turn, and Yue Qin and Zhi Shu face a night alone together in the house.
7 MIK-Ep07 Episode 7 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 7 ji (第7集)
December 25, 2016
As the school break ends, Class F swimming champ Ah Jin recruits Yue Qin for a relay race -- not realizing they'll be competing against Zhi Shu.
8 MIK-Ep08 Episode 8 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 8 ji (第8集)
December 25, 2016
With the college entrance exam looming, Ah Jin prepares soups and study sessions for his friends, only to find they want help from someone else.
9 MIK-Ep09 Episode 9 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 9 ji (第9集)
December 25, 2016
After surprising the Jiangs with New Year's gifts, Yue Qin makes Zhi Shu a good-luck charm for the exam. But it doesn't have the desired effect.
10 MIK-Ep10 Episode 10 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 10 ji (第10集)
January 1, 2017
Yue Qin falls ill on the morning of another big college exam, complicating Zhi Shu's plans. Ah Jin cooks up a romantic scheme for graduation day.
11 MIK-Ep11 Episode 11 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 11 ji (第11集)
January 1, 2017
At the graduation party, Yue Qin grows tired of Zhi Shu's constant insults and decides to play her trump card -- with surprising results.
12 MIK-Ep12 Episode 12 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 12 ji (第12集)
January 1, 2017
Yue Qin joins the college tennis club to keep an eye on Zhi Shu and her new romantic rival, the talented Zi Yu. But the training proves intense.
13 MIK-Ep13 Episode 13 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 13 ji (第13集)
January 8, 2017
Just as Yue Qin begins taking a class with Zhi Shu, she discovers that her days living under the same roof with him may be numbered.
14 MIK-Ep14 Episode 14 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 14 ji (第14集)
January 8, 2017
Yue Qin's skills are put to the test as she's roped into a doubles match with Zhi Shu and ordered to cook for the whole team at tennis boot camp.
15 MIK-Ep15 Episode 15 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 15 ji (第15集)
January 8, 2017
As boot camp winds down, Yue Qin makes a confession to her teammates and finds new inspiration on the court. She and Zhi Shu come home to a surprise.
16 MIK-Ep16 Episode 16 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 16 ji (第16集)
January 15, 2017
When Zhi Shu agrees to go on a date with Zi Yu, Mrs. Jiang sends Yue Qin to spy on them in disguise. Meanwhile, Ah Jin investigates a troubling rumor.
17 MIK-Ep17 Episode 17 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 17 ji (第17集)
January 15, 2017
Yue Qin takes Zhi Shu on a dreamy outing, the Jiangs welcome a new member of the household, and Ah Jin makes big plans for the campus festival.
18 MIK-Ep18 Episode 18 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 18 ji (第18集)
January 15, 2017
Zi Yu's visit to the Jiangs' home proves disastrous for Yue Qin. Rivalries heat up as Ah Jin and the tennis club set up booths at the campus festival.
19 MIK-Ep19 Episode 19 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 19 ji (第19集)
January 22, 2017
A surprising scene unfolds at the campus goddess contest. As Yue Qin and the Jiangs plan a winter spa trip, Ah Jin takes on a new culinary challenge.
20 MIK-Ep20 Episode 20 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 20 ji (第20集)
January 22, 2017
Plagued with doubts about his path in life, Zhi Shu makes a big decision that catches everyone off guard. A photo from the spa upsets Ah Jin.
21 MIK-Ep21 Episode 21 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 21 ji (第21集)
January 22, 2017
Feeling lost without Zhi Shu, Yue Qin jumps at the chance to find out where he works. But she's not the only one determined to stay close to him.
22 MIK-Ep22 Episode 22 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 22 ji (第22集)
January 29, 2017
As Yue Qin sinks into depression, her worried friends confront Zhi Shu. A crisis at the Old Lunar Tree gives Ah Jin a chance to play hero.
23 MIK-Ep23 Episode 23 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 23 ji (第23集)
January 29, 2017
While Ah Jin plots to save the tree, Yue Qin learns Zhi Shu has received an offer from overseas. A storm shakes up everyone's Valentine's Day plans.
24 MIK-Ep24 Episode 24 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 24 ji (第24集)
January 29, 2017
Yue Qin spends an awkward evening with Zhi Shu, Ah Jin braves the storm to make good on his promise, and a new contest springs up on the gossip page.
25 MIK-Ep25 Episode 25 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 25 ji (第25集)
February 5, 2017
A worried Yue Qin rushes Yu Shu to the hospital and calls Zhi Shu for help. Ah Jin prepares for his moment of glory at the red ribbon ceremony.
26 MIK-Ep26 Episode 26 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 26 ji (第26集)
February 5, 2017
Yue Qin gains another suitor, while Zi Yu contends with a mysterious stalker. A spooky encounter at the hospital puts Yu Shu and Nuo on edge.
27 MIK-Ep27 Episode 27 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 27 ji (第27集)
February 5, 2017
Yue Qin and the Jiangs rally around the ailing Nuo. Zi Yu's sister sets a mischievous plan in motion. At Mrs. Jiang's urging, Yue Qin goes on a date.
28 MIK-Ep28 Episode 28 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 28 ji (第28集)
February 12, 2017
A new job proves challenging for Yue Qin. When Zhi Shu and Zi Yu head to the coast over summer break, Yue Qin and the Jiangs follow close behind.
29 MIK-Ep29 Episode 29 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 29 ji (第29集)
February 12, 2017
After fleeing the photo shoot in a huff, Yue Qin bumps into a familiar face on the beach. Zhi Shu sets a trap for Zi Yu's stalker.
30 MIK-Ep30 Episode 30 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 30 ji (第30集)
February 12, 2017
Tensions between the Wu sisters heat up, Zhi Shu asks a rival for a favor, and Yue Qin's 20th birthday party yields several sweet surprises.
31 MIK-Ep31 Episode 31 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 31 ji (第31集)
February 19, 2017
As everyone makes plans for Christmas, Yue Qin starts working at her father's restaurant to save up for a special present for Zhi Shu.
32 MIK-Ep32 Episode 32 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 32 ji (第32集)
February 19, 2017
After a bitter fight with his parents, Zhi Shu lets Yue Qin in on a secret. Mrs. Jiang realizes Yu Shu knows something she doesn't.
33 MIK-Ep33 Episode 33 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 33 ji (第33集)
February 19, 2017
On Valentine's Day, Yue Qin overhears a revealing conversation between Zhi Shu and Zi Yu. Mr. Jiang makes an upsetting discovery.
34 150px Episode 34 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 34 ji (第34集)
February 26, 2017
A guilt-stricken Zhi Shu offers to help out at his father's company. For his first professional meal, Ah Jin prepares dishes inspired by Yue Qin.
35 150px Episode 35 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 35 ji (第35集)
February 26, 2017
Yue Qin spends summer break at the toy company, where she strikes up an unlikely friendship. Zhi Shu searches for inspiration for a new product line.
36 150px Episode 36 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 36 ji (第36集)
February 26, 2017
Zhi Shu announces he has a plan to solve the company's money problems. Mrs. Jiang, Yue Qin and Zi Yu team up to sabotage a meeting with the Bais.
37 150px Episode 37 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 37 ji (第37集)
March 5, 2017
To force herself to move on from Zhi Shu, Yue Qin goes on a date with Ah Jin. Mr. Jiang comes home from the hospital to a surprise.
38 150px Episode 38 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 38 ji (第38集)
March 5, 2017
While Yue Qin weighs an offer from Ah Jin, Zhi Shu and Sha Sui face pressure from Mr. Bai. Zhi Shu has a profound experience at the Old Lunar Tree.
39 150px Episode 39 (2016 Tw-Drama)
Di 39 ji (第39集)
March 5, 2017
As Yue Qin's father says goodbye to the Jiangs, Zhi Shu interrupts with an announcement. Soon everyone is abuzz with new plans for the future.
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