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Love of Service Ace
Kanji 恋のサービスエース
Rōmaji Koi no sābisuēsu
Air Date May 17, 2013
Episode data
Previous A Love Rival!? Love with Lost of Trouble
Episode Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO #7
Next First Dating Suddenly
Manga Chapter 12, Chapter 13
Staff Information
Director Koto Nagata
Music Information
Opening Update
Ending Takaramono

Love of Service Ace (恋のサービスエース Koi no sābisuēsu) is the seventh episode of the Itazura na Kiss: Love in TOKYO drama, which aired on May 17, 2013.


After Kotoko’s family moves out of Naoki’s house, Kotoko decides to try to forget Naoki. But the two are matched as partners at their tennis club. After losing to Yuko’s team, Naoki decides to train Kotoko to be a better player.



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