Naoki Irie
Irie naoki-1-
Kanji 入江 直樹
Rōmaji Irie Naoki
Also known as Irie-kun, Tensai-kun,
Onii-chan, Naoki-kun
Irie-san, Irie-sensei
Gender Male
Sign Scorpio
Birthday November 12th
Age 17-26
Blood AB
Height 178 cm
Professional Status
Occupation High School Student (former)
University Student (former)
Affiliation Class A
Tonan High School
Tonan University
Tennis Club
Kobe Hospital
Tonan Hospital
Personal Status
Relatives Kotoko Irie (wife)
Kotomi Irie (daughter)
Shigeki Irie (father)
Noriko Irie (mother)
Yuuki Irie (brother)
Shigeo Aihara (father-in-law)
Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Grandmother
Keizo (uncle)
Akiko (aunt)
Hiroko (aunt)
Megu, Take, Toshi, Maki, Hiro and Yasu, Miki, Yuki, Ken, Rika Irie (cousins)
Kikunosuke Isshiki
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Portrayed by
Seiyū Daisuke Hirakawa

Naoki Irie (入江 直樹, Irie Naoki) is the main male protagonist of the Itazura Na Kiss series. He is the eventual husband of Kotoko Aihara and the father of Kotomi Irie.


Naoki irie is a lightly tanned and quite tall guy. He is slim but broad shouldered with lightly defined muscles. He has grayish-purple eyes that are usually very cold and unemotional, a thin, long nose, and very rarely smiles. He also has shaggy brown hair that hangs slightly in front of his eyes. He is often described as being the most handsome guy at school, and, after graduating, work.


Naoki is a cold man to most people. He's smart, having an IQ of 200 and always being number 1 in all his exams due to this he was placed in class A (highest class). He has the ability to memorize things at first sight. He never studies for any of his exams due to the fact he is a genius, and goes to sleep very early - at 9 o'clock. He is good at sports such as running and tennis. He is the number 1 student in his high school and the number 1 genius in Japan.

Because Naoki's so intelligent, he has no hopes or dreams because anything would be easy for him to do or accomplish, but later, because of Kotoko Aihara's encouragement and advice, he decides to become a doctor. He has never experienced sadness or jealousy until he saw Kotoko with Keita Kamogari. He dislikes people that are not smart and hide their emotions. Though he doesn't always express his emotions, he is very protective and caring of Kotoko.


When he was a child, his mother dressed him up in girls' clothes until he got to the age where he could protest because his mother thought she was going to have a girl so she only bought girl's clothes and she didn't want to buy any new clothes. He is extremely bitter about what happened to him when he was a child.

Alternative names

  • It Started with a Kiss / They Kiss Again: Jiang Zhi Shu (江直樹 Jiāng Zhí Shù)
  • Cowok Impian: Kevin
  • Playful Kiss: Baek Seung-jo (백승조 Baek Seung Jo)
  • Kiss Me: Tenten (เท็นเท็น Thĕn Thĕn)
  • Miss In Kiss : Jiang Zhi Shu (江直樹 Jiāng Zhí Shù)


  • When they were at the romantic village, Naoki kisses Kotoko while she is sleeping.
  • Naoki was supposed to take over his father's company but because of Kotoko he followed his dream and became a doctor.
  • Naoki decided became a doctor based on Kotoko’s idea while Yuki Takamiya admitted in hospital.
  • Kotoko is the reason why he finally decided go to University.
  • Naoki keeps his feelings inside and never really opens himself up to people.
  • Naoki is very protective towards Kotoko.


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