Noriko Irie
Kanji 一色 紀子 (before)
入江 紀子
Rōmaji Isshoku Noriko (before)
Irie Noriko
Gender Female
Blood A
Professional Status
Occupation Housewife
Personal Status
Relatives Shigeki Irie (husband)
Naoki Irie (son)
Yuuki Irie (son)
Kotoko Aihara (daughter-in-law)
Kotomi Irie (granddaughter)
Rika Irie (niece)
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Drama Episode 1 (1996)
Episode 1 (2005)
Episode 1 (2007)
Episode 1 (2010)
Episode 1 (2013)
Episode 1 (2014)
Episode 2 (2015)
Movie Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
Portrayed by
Seiyū Naoko Matsui
1996 J-Drama Miyoko Asada
2005 Tw-Drama Cyndi Chao
2007 Tw-Drama Cyndi Chao
2010 K-Drama Jung Hye-young
2013 J-Drama Tomomi Nishimura
2014 J-Drama Tomomi Nishimura
2015 Th-Drama Inthiporn Yuenyong
2016 J-Movie Hikari Ishida
2016 Tw-Drama Vega Tsai
2017 J-Movie Anju Suzuki

Noriko Irie is Naoki Irie's mother.


She has honey-brown, short hair, which gradually reaches chin level near the back - It is shown to be curled at the ends and puffs up somewhat. She often wears two, circular earings of a light shade - white, or a pale-gray color. Her eyes are most commonly seen as thin and darkish-brown, though they are seen expanded when she's excited, or surprised. She has a small, rounded nose which looks to be a crescent-like line, which rests closer to her mouth than most characters'. 

Over the series, she's seen wearing many different outfits, though they usually comprise of cardigans, or over-coats, a thin shirt and snug pants. She's seen wearing full-black or secretive wears when spying on Kotoko, or potential rivals for Naoki's affections.


Noriko is a sweet, kind, accepting and supportive character, although she can also be conniving when it comes to Kotoko and Naoki - Seeing other girls as potential rivals, she can be very rude to them and try to not-so-secretly ruin their chance of being with her son.

At times, she can be over-bearing, shown when Naoki expresses his exasperation for her behavior. She has a strong sense of intuition, knowing immediately that Kotoko was to be her daughter-in-law, before everyone else, still believing this despite everything Naoki does to undermine her beliefs - This is seen as her own selfish way of becoming family with Kotoko, due to her personal like of the girl.

She also always looking for a reason to party, and she usually goes over-board with the preparations and set-up, inviting many people. 


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