So... nothing between us from now
Thai ต่อไปนี้ เราไม่เกี่ยวกันแล้วนะ
RTGS Dtor bpai nee rao mai gieow gan laew na
Air Date November 16, 2015
Episode data
Previous The impossibility
Episode Kiss Me #13
Next I’m not going to give up this easy
Staff Information
Director Saratsawadee Wongsomphet
Music Information
Opening Rak Hai Dai
Ending Rak Hai Dai

So... nothing between us from now (ต่อไปนี้ เราไม่เกี่ยวกันแล้วนะ Dtor bpai nee rao mai gieow gan laew na) is the thirteenth episode of the Kiss Me drama, which aired on November 16, 2015.


Taliw is exhaustedly and wearily crying. Mother Kaew tries to comfort her by telling that there’ll be someone who’ll love you just the way you are, though she’s not that tall, not pretty, and not having long legs. Taliw continues her studying. King always comes with his food, to boost her brain and spirit. Mother Kaew warns Tenten that he may loss Taliw if he doesn’t take good care of her. On the exam result day, it turns out that Taliw and Yuyi don’t pass. Taliw’s very sad about it. She cries a lot and gets depressed. Everyone tries to soothe her, till she feels better. Tenten comes to see her with huge lot of books. He waits until he sees cheerful Taliw reaches home with King. Tenten is very upset that Taliw doesn’t seem to feel sorry for not passing the exam. So he blames her hard about that. King tries to protect Taliw. Taliw can only accept that she hasn’t really follow Tenten’s advice on reading. Then the two boys start to fight for feeling utterly repressed over Taliw for quite sometime. Taliw thinks through until she makes a decision to continue working hard on studying, not for Tenten, but herself instead. Then she studies hard with all the support from every one. And when she finished the exam, she goes to see Tenten, to tell him that she’s going to do this for her self, and he doesn’t have to wait for her anymore. Tenten is shocked and feels that his heart is hurt.


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