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Kanji 須藤
Rōmaji Sudō
Also known as Sudou-senpai
Oni no Sudou
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation University Student
Affiliation Tonan University
Tennis Club
Personal Status
Relatives Yuuko Matsumoto (wife in anime)
Anime Episode 8
Drama Episode 6 (2005)
Episode 2 (2007)
Episode 7 (2010)
Episode 6 (2013)
Episode 2 (2014)
Episode 11 (2015)
Portrayed by
Seiyū Akio Otsuka
2005 Tw-Drama Jason
2007 Tw-Drama Jason
2010 K-Drama Choi Sung Guk
2013 J-Drama Masaki Kaji
2014 J-Drama Masaki Kaji
2015 Th-Drama Techin Chayuti
2016 Tw-Drama Cliff Cho

Sudou (須藤) has liked Yuuko Matsumoto since college, but he hasn't been successful in winning her heart.

Kotoko Aihara describes him as someone who has a dual personality. He is very kind when he's not holding the tennis racquet, but once he holds it, he becomes vicious and competitive (most especially to Naoki Irie, but he always loses to him).


  • The surname Sudou means "ought, by all means, necessarily" (須) (su) and "wisteria" (藤) (dou).