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The Campus Life I've Longed For!?
Kanji 憧れのキャンパスライフ!?
Rōmaji Akogare no kyanpasu raifu!?
Air Date May 21, 2008
Episode data
Previous Spiteful Kiss
Episode Itazura na Kiss #8
Next Aim for a Date!
Manga Chapter 10
Staff Information
Director Yasumura Ryo
Script Kobayashi Naruaki
Storyline Kobayashi Issa
Animation Director Suehiro Naoki
Moritomo Hiroki (assistant)
Nishimura Rie (assistant)
Myouchin Usaku (assistant)
Music Information
Opening Kimi, Meguru, Boku
Ending Kataomoi Fighter

The Campus I've Longed For!? (憧れのキャンパスライフ!? Akogare no kyanpasu raifu!?) is the eighth episode of the Itazura na Kiss anime, which aired on May 21, 2008.


Having missed the entrance exams for Tokyo University, Naoki decides to go with the school's escalator system. After the graduation ceremony, the F and A classes bump into each other during their farewell dinners. An exchange of heated words soon ensues when Naoki puts Kotoko down in front of everyone triggering her to show Irie's childhood photo of him dressed as a girl to the others and Irie drags her out into a dark alley. While in a heated argument, Kotoko says she will forget about Irie and he replies by saying just try then he kisses her and after the kiss he sticks his tongue out and says "Serves you right" and departs.


Characters appearing in the episode in order of appearance:


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