Toyo Yoshida
Kanji 吉田 トヨ
Rōmaji Yoshida Toyo
Also known as Yoshida-san
Toyo Ba-chan
Gender Female
Age 80
Professional Status
Personal Status
Manga Chapter 64
Anime Episode 20
Drama Episode 12 (2007)
Episode 8 (2014)
Portrayed by
Seiyū Hisako Kyouda
2007 Tw-Drama Qiu Xiu Min
2014 J-Drama Kazue Tsunogae

Toyo Yoshida (吉田 トヨ) is an 80-year-old lady which is picky and gives nurses problems especially towards Kotoko Aihara. She was looked after by Kotoko that she eventually realizes that Kotoko is a hard worker and gives her less of a hard time.


  • Toyo's surname Yoshida means "lucky, good" (吉) (yoshi) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da).
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